I've always loved acting, but I didn't always know the best way to go about it.  When I was younger, I daydreamed of auditioning for films without a solid handle on how the industry actually worked.  I eventually graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in film, but after working in post-production for a short time I decided I'd rather pursue my lifelong dream of acting.


A production of The Importance of Being Earnest soon helped me to find my niche as what I call a "quirky ingenue" type, and when my mom and I started a theater company (the Dragonfly Multicultural Arts Center)I continued to re-discover my love for directing, acting, and great plays and musicals.


Now, I'm weaving my passions together as an actor, director, and writer for various theater and film projects--and, through my day job as a casting editor for Backstage, I know a lot about how the industry works.  I'm taking classes, auditioning frequently, attending workshops, creating my own projects--and am more methodical than ever in how I approach acting as a craft and a business.


Why Work With Me?


With my directing and production background, being a diva is anathema to me.  I'm a team player and up for anything--and I won't complain when rehearsal runs over or when we're shooting in the cold!  Also, I know a lot about American film and theatre history, and allow the knowledge of actors who have come before me to inform my choices.

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